Ereck Flowers sings for team on Eli Manning’s demand

Giants rookie offensive tackle Ereck Flowers has a reputation for being a quiet guy, but on Sunday the first-round pick was thrust into the spotlight by none other than Eli Manning, and he apparently came through with flying colors.

According to second-year lineman Weston Richburg, who is shifting to his preferred center position from guard this season, Manning "stood up and demanded" that Flowers go up on stage in the team's media room and sing for the team. The reserved Flowers obliged.

"Very quiet," Richburg said about Flowers. "He's a good singer though. He just sung for us in the media room. It was actually very good."

Richburg wasn't sure exactly what song Flowers sung, but he said it was "really good. I was surprised. It was good stuff."

"I was really looking forward to his singing because I didn't think he would do it, but he performed very well," he added. "But I think it takes time just to get to know us and to know guys and to be able to open up like that, and I think he slowly is. It's been fun to kind of see him grow and get more comfortable out here."

Last season, Richburg said Manning made him do the same thing. Richburg sung a George Strait song - "a tribute to my favorite singer," he said, but he prefers not to think about it.

"It wasn't good," Richburg said. "I did it on purpose though. I think if you do bad you won't have to do it again. Don't tell them I said that though."

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