VIDEO: Ed Reed Sings “Two Tickets To Paradise” At Ravens’ Parade

You’ve been a pro for a long time now, long acknowledged to be one of the best at what you do. You’re headed for the Hall of Fame some day… but your career hasn’t included the ultimate achievement of a championship. And you’re in your 30s now, so time’s running out. But then it all comes together. Your team goes on a magical run to a title. You’ve done it. Your place in history is secure. Your career lacks nothing.

So what do you do, when you’re celebrating the culmination of everything you’ve ever worked for with a throng of adoring fans? You sing. Do you care if you’re not an especially talented singer? Of course not – and no one else does either. You’re in the moment, basking in the post-championship glow after a long journey to get there. Everyone will eat up everything you do, even if what you do is sing badly. Dirk Nowitzki knew it, and you better believe Ed Reed knows it too:

And some bonus “Seven Nation Army” crowd-baiting at that. (Wonder how John Harbaugh felt, though, when Reed poked fun at the Niners’ “Who’s got it better than us?” rallying cry, considering it originated with Harbaugh’s father.) This wasn’t Reed’s first brush with the song, but it was undoubtedly the sweetest. And, his teammates probably wouldn’t mind if it was his last. But today, that didn’t matter. Ed Reed’s finally a Super Bowl champion. Sing as badly as you want, Ed. No one does have it better than you right now.

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