Frank Gore has a big fan in Matt Forte

With Chicago Bears holding joint practices this week with Indianapolis Colts in advance of their preseason game, two of the NFL's best running backs are getting a chance to spend some time together.

Bears running back Matt Forte has known Colts back Frank Gore since Forte's rookie season in 2008 and the two have trained together in the offseason previously.

"Great player. A guy who has been doing it a long time,” Forte said of Gore, via ESPN. “Frank is not a guy who has to come out and you have to stay on him to do stuff. He’s going to be a hard worker. He’s a very gifted running back in his vision and he’s quick, so if the hole is there, he’s going to find it. They’re getting a solid player. He’s going to be productive. He knows how to take care of his body as well. That’s why he’s shown he should be playing this long.”

Gore, who joined the Colts in the offseason after 10 seasons with the San Francisco 49ers, is coming off a 1,000-yard season and has run for more than 11,000 yards in his career. Forte said Gore's style of play offers teams what they're looking for in a successful back.

“I always talk about how Frank is,” Forte said. “He’s got a low center of gravity. But he still runs with good pad level, so he can run over people. But he’s also shifty. So Frank has that low center of gravity, which helps him out in breaking tackles. And then he has great vision, which helps him hit the holes. So in a running back, when you look at scouting him, you want a guy who has great pad level and good vision. That’s Frank.”

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