Duke Johnson one of class' fastest players

Miami RB Duke Johnson "is one of the fastest players in this class, with elite burst to and through the hole," notes ESPN's Todd McShay.

"One of the most important qualities in a running back is the ability to create yards on your own, and Johnson can do that with his ability to make defenders miss in the hole and with his electrifying lateral agility," McShay wrote. "He can stop and start on a dime and can quickly change directions while working through multiple creases. Running plays don't always go the way you draw them up on the chalk board, so a lot of times you need to find the second crease, which is why Johnson's ability to change direction without losing momentum is so important." Johnson led draft-eligible backs from Power 5 conferences in percentage of rush attempts that gained 10 or more yards (18.7 percent) last year. "He is also an excellent pass-catcher, with his ability to quickly transition upfield after the catch and then make defenders miss in the open field," McShay wrote. Johnson is also a good kickoff returner.

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