Phillip Dorsett a good fit for IND after Round 1

NFL Media's Curtis Conway believes Miami WR Phillip Dorsett could be a good fit with the Colts, provided they don't invest a first-rounder in him.

"You talk about a good fit with with T.Y. (Hilton), can you imagine? Both of these speed demons out there on an island? You can't put a safety in the box to cover the run game, which means that will open up your run game," Conway said. "You get a Phillip Dorsett out there man to man, you're not gong to have a safety in the box. I like him, not right away in the first round, but maybe in the third round, I see Phillip Dorsett being a really good piece for that offense." Unfortunately, Dorsett likely won't be available in stanza three. He ranks No. 47 on Daniel Jeremiah's Top 50, and ESPN's Mel Kiper wrote recently that Dorsett is "clearly in the Round 1 mix."

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