Sam Shields: Dez Bryant made 'helluva catch'

The cornerback who defended Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant on the controversial incomplete pass in the NFC Divisional Playoff game says he believes that Bryant made the catch.

Green Bay Packers cornerback Sam Shields was in coverage on Bryant during the fourth-and-two play with four minutes remaining the game.

"It was a catch," Shields said to  "But the new rule and at the last minute what happened, that’s what the refs came up with. I never said he didn’t catch it. He made a helluva catch I was in great coverage. Like I said, it was good on good and he came up with the catch.”

Bryant seemed to come down with the leaping 31-yard catch from Tony Romo near the sidelines and the official on the spot marked the ball down at the one-yard line.

Green Bay challenged the pass completion ruling and the play was reversed, with the officials ruling that Bryant did not maintain possession of the ball throughout the catch. The Cowboys gave the ball up on downs and Green Bay went on to win 26-21.

"I did look back and I seen him reaching and I guess that’s when he didn’t control the ball as he was doing that," Shields said.

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