Reggie Wayne dons new number, could add to HOF-level numbers

When new Patriots receiver Reggie Wayne met with the media on Tuesday for the first time as a non-Colt, he also did so for the first time as a guy who won’t be wearing No. 87.

“Eigthy-seven is over with,” Wayne said, after explaining he has no plans to try to get it away from tight end Rob Gronkowski.

At the time Wayne met with the media, he said he didn’t know what his number would be. According to the official roster on the team’s website, he’ll be wearing No. 15.

He’s already much higher than No. 15 on two key career receiving lists, and a solid season with the Pats could put him much higher. At seventh in receptions with 1,070, Wayne is only eight from catching Terrell Owens for No. 6, 24 from matching Tim Brown with 1,094, and 32 from equaling former Colts receiver Marvin Harrison for No. 3 all time, with 1,102.

Wayne is eighth on the all-time yardage list, with 14,345 yards. He’s only 235 yards from catching Harrison for No. 7, and he needs only 947 for the season to match Moss at No. 3.

When it comes to receiving touchdowns, Wayne sits at 22nd, with 82. Ten would vault him to No. 10, but he still needs a total of 46 to catch Harrison in that category.
Regardless, the total catches and receiving yards — along with the possibility of a second Super Bowl ring — could eventually get Wayne a spot in Canton.

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