Andrew Luck's arm gives Frank Gore a chance for rushing success

INDIANAPOLIS -- One of the reasons running back Frank Gore decided to sign with the Indianapolis Colts -- outside of being on title-contending team -- is because of quarterback Andrew Luck.

Luck's arm -- and the playmakers he has to throw to -- will force defenses to be honest and not load the box to try to stop Gore.

I went back and looked at Gore's rushing numbers from last season and it turns out that 69 percent of his rushing attempts were made against a defense that had seven or fewer players in the box.

Gore rushed for 833 yards and three touchdowns on 179 attempts when there were seven men in the box. When it came to facing at least eight men in the box, Gore rushed 76 times for 273 yards and a touchdown last season. Gore's 833 yards against seven or fewer defenders in the box would have been enough to lead the Colts in total rushing in each of the past seven seasons.

As far as the Colts go, Trent Richardson was their leading rusher when facing seven or fewer defenders in the box. He had 134 attempts for 445 yards and a touchdown last season.

The Colts didn't have much success rushing the ball when teams loaded the box against them. Richardson, Ahmad Bradshaw, Andrew Luck, Zurlon Tipton and Daniel “Boom” Herron combined to rush for 153 yards on 59 attempts, which is more than 100 yards less than what Gore rushed for.

The numbers don't lie.

Gore should have plenty of success running the ball this season if the offensive line does its job because the Colts have too many weapons on offense for defenses to load the box to try to slow Gore down.

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