Duke Johnson: Al Golden kept team focused during hot seat talk

Miami fans have been paying money to fly a "Fire Al Golden" banner above the Hurricanes' games, even making arrangements to get the message in the sky during a road game at Cincinnati.

Al Golden's future has been a talking point this week with the Florida State game coming up on Saturday night in Tallahassee. When asked for a review of Golden as a coach, recent Hurricane great Duke Johnson said Golden always kept the team focused on the things they could control.

"It was amazing. I know I enjoyed my experience," Johnson told SI.com. "Even though people was calling for his job game in and game out, he did a good job of making sure we were prepared game in and game out and we were focused on what really matters -- the opponent that we played that Saturday night, or Thursday night, or whenever that game would be."

Johnson is Miami's all-time leading rusher, a native of the area and one of Al Golden's favorite players during his time with the Hurricanes. To hear Johnson support Golden is not surprising, but the situation he described -- "people calling for his job" -- matches the current state of affairs for the 2015 team.

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