Chad Johnson Tells Time He Tried To Fight Ray Lewis

Remember this huge hit Ray Lewis laid on Chad Johnson back in the day?

The collision put the receiver on his back and sent his helmet flying. Lewis was penalized for unnecessary roughness and later received a fine.

Johnson, formerly known as Ochocinco, wasn’t happy about the hit at the time, and in a Throwback Thursday tale, tweeted about confronting the Ravens linebacker after the game.

“I remember waiting for Ray Lewis outside the locker room after a game for knocking my helmet off unnecessarily‼” Johnson tweeted. “He went out the side door, Ed Reed had to talk me out of putting these paws on Ray.”

Ravens tackle Michael Ohericon-article-link remembers the incident, replying to Johnson’s tweet and noting that the receiver brought friends.
“lol wasnt solo,” Oher wrote.

Johnson added that wasn’t the only time he confronted Lewis. He “stepped” to Lewis again during pre-game warm-ups at another matchup.

“2nd time we played the Ravens I caught Ray slipping in pre-game, I stepped to him, he started preaching, I was like the Lord can't help you!” Johnson tweeted. “So I square up ready to go from the shoulders and Ray is steadily reciting a scripture and I'm ready to rumble, I'm like let's run it WTF!!! Long story short Marvin Lewis broke it up and saved Ray from getting beat up in pre-game.”

So how much of Johnson’s story should we believe, considering the two have been close buddies over the years and regularly joke around? Does the lanky 6-foot-1, 188-pound receiver really think he could have taken on the fiery linebacker with a 50-pound weight disadvantage?


“Chad Ochocinco is just kidding about wanting to fight Ray Lewis for hitting him hard in a game,” tweeted The Baltimore Sun’s Aaron Wilson. “They're great friends, Lewis was his mentor.”

If Johnson’s claims really are true, he may have misunderstood Reed and Marvin Lewis’ mediating gestures.

“Johnson may not know it, but he’s the one Marvin Lewis was saving,” wrote’s Michael David Smith.

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