Jimmy Graham excited to be part of 'something special'

New tight end Jimmy Graham has been a perfect fit for the Seahawks.

He has immediately hit it off with his teammates and his quarterback, Russell Wilson.

"It feels incredible to be here, to be part of something special like this," Graham said.

He has fit in well with the rest of the tight ends on the team. His relationship with Luke Willson, who finished last season as the starter, is so good they have come up with the nickname "The Bash Brothers." The name comes from "The Mighty Ducks" movie.

Graham talked Monday about how the team was involving him in blocking roles. As a New Orleans Saint, he wasn't asked to block much, and when he did, he wasn't very good at it.

"Yeah, I’m blocking here," Graham said. "Out there last year in New Orleans, I was pretty banged up. Midway through the year, I kinda stopped blocking. I just routed people up."

At 6-foot-7, 265 pounds with great speed, Graham is a matchup nightmare for opposing defense. If he can develop as a blocker, it could significantly add to the running offense that ranks among the best in football. Graham even predicts the team could use more two- and three-tight end sets.

As great as Graham was in New Orleans, he concedes he could be more dangerous in the Seahawks offense. The reason for the optimism is the mobility of Wilson.

"From what I've seen on film where they are special first, when they run the ball and No. 2, when Russell is extending plays," Graham said. "I love it because normally I'm the biggest guy on the field and hopefully I draw the most attention. The play truly is never over."

Graham said Drew Brees' immobility creates plenty of plays in which once he planted his feet on routes and he wasn't involved, the play was over for him. Because of Wilson's ability to extend plays, the play might be just beginning in the middle of a route.

It's pretty easy to see Graham is having a blast. Off the field, he has spent his off time flying around the area. Graham loves to fly planes. Even meetings are fun, he said. Coach Pete Carroll keeps meetings loose with videos and practicing up beat with music.

There are even basketball challenges taking place in every morning meeting. Surprisingly, the former college basketball star lost a one-on-one challenge Monday.
He’s so tall Graham complained the room doesn't have enough height that he can put the perfect arch on his shot.

"I felt like Shaq out there," he said.

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