Marcus Lattimore received inspiration from Frank Gore

The 49ers nabbed South Carolina running back Marcus Lattimore with their second pick of the fourth round. The beastly running back sustained a horrific torn ACL, LCL and the PCL while blocking downfield against Tennessee and missed the rest of the season. The injury resulted in a knee dislocation. He also tore an ACL a year earlier against Mississippi State.
He shares similarities with Frank Gore, who also dropped in the draft because of repeated knee-ligament tears. Lattitmore also has the same determination, both in his running style and attitude for the game. He even wears Gore’s number (21) and as you will see in the clip has the same jump cut ability. He could be the heir apparent.

Lattimore is likely to open the season on the non-football injury list and may need a year to completely rehabilitate the injury. The non-football list is for players coming to teams with preexisting injuries. He said he is already sprinting and jumping on boxes. Part of his inspiration for his extensive rehabilitation came from Gore, who called him a few days after the injury.

“He told me to keep my positive attitude,” Lattimore said. “I doubted myself, I did do that and I lost hope. But now it’s just a great, great situation to be in.”

At 5-11, 221 pounds, Lattimore was highly productive in college, scoring 41 touchdowns in 29 games. Like Gore, he’s considered a complete back with receiving (74 catches at South Carolina) and pass protections abilities. Considered quick, but not fast, the issue will be overcoming his significant injury history.

Lattimore’s injury was seen often on television and around the internet. We have a clip of it here, not to be sensational but to show what Lattimore is now up against in his rehabilitation. Lattimore spent some time Pensacola, Florida rehabbing the injury at a clinic and is now back in Columbia, South Carolina to continue that work.

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