Rob Chudzinski: Ultimately, Andrew Luck has to make those plays

New Colts offensive coordinator Rob Chudzinski knows that the Colts’ offense will succeed less because of his play calling than because of Andrew Luck’s execution.

Chudzinski said that he and Luck talked after Pep Hamilton was fired and Chudzinski was promoted this week. Chudzinski came away impressed with Luck’s understanding of what he needs to do.

“Obviously we talked afterwards,” Chudzinski said. “I think Andrew wants to win. That’s what I get out of any conversation with him. He’s a special player and person, really unique. He has a plan for everything that he does, always working to improve and the goal of winning. He’s taken this thing, the bull by the horns and he’s working to get better every day himself.”

Chudzinski said the key for Luck is consistency.

“I see that there’s been times where he’s on fire, and there’s been times where not so much. Again, he knows and he’s worked on and talked about being consistent. Hopefully again, by design, there’s some things you can do to put him in that position where he is. Ultimately he has to go make those plays, and I’m confident he will,” Chudzinski said.

If Luck turns things around, the Colts can turn things around. If he doesn’t, there’s not much of anything Chudzinski can do to change the Colts’ fortunes.

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