Jon Jay getting press for sneaker collection

(The Chirp) -- During Spring Traininglb_icon1 last year, we asked individual Cardinal players if they had any hobbies or special skills that made them unique.  The most 'unique' answer came from center fielder Jon Jay.

Jay told us that he collects sneakers.  Now, at the time that didn't really register.  I mean I have sneakers, but why would I collect them?  I failed to understand just how un-hip I was, as I was unaware of the subculture that exists pertaining too sneaker collecting.

Yes, I've heard the stories of kids paying hundreds of dollars for Air Jordan's and even crimes being committed in the name of possessing another persons shoe, but again, Jay collecting sneakers, simplylb_icon1 did not register.

Now I get it.

Perusing the web is always interesting, especially when you stumble on to something that you didn't even know existed.  There is a website called and on it right now is a featured interview with the Cardinals lead off hitter.

In the interview we learn how Jay first got into this most unique of hobbies.  According to Jon, "I think I always liked sneakers since I was little. I can remember back in elementary school my best friendlb_icon1 and I always had the "Deions" or Jordans that came out, or whatever the hot shoe was at the time. I remember getting the "Rod Woodsons" (Nike Air Bowl Trainer). The list goes on. We were always into shoes, we always liked them, you know?

Now I know.

Hopefully when the Cardinals return homeicon1, Jay will allow us to show you more of his collection.  Till then, enjoy his feature interview courtesy of

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