Michael Irvin endorses Dallas' addition of Michael Sam

Many would expect Michael Irvin to support the Dallas Cowboys in most of their endeavors. The Pro Football Hall of Fame wide receiver spent his entire NFL career with a star on his helmet. But when the subject is adding Michael Sam to the organization, it doesn't hurt Dallas to have the NFL Network analyst endorsing the move.

"I like Michael Sam," Irvin said Tuesday to TMZ. "I love him with the Cowboys. He knows how to get to the quarterback. ... WHen you are trying to get players and the Cowboys need players who can get to the quarterback, you sign Michael Sam, and I'm happy with that."

Sam, the defensive player of the year for the SEC in 2013, has three sacks in the preseason in his time with the Rams, before St. Louis dropped him during its final roster cuts. He cleared waivers, meaning the 31 other NFL teams passed on the opportunity to take him before he became free to join any team.

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