Hurricanes Make Offer To Michael Irvin Jr.

Michael Irvin was part of the iconic Miami teams of the 1980s and a member of the 1987 National Championship team. Irvin played for the Canes for three years and amassed a total of 143 receptions and 26 touchdowns. Irvin then went on to be a five time pro bowler and was inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame in 2007.

Those are some big shoes to fill for Michael Irvin Jr. As a sophomore, Irvin Jr caught 82 passes and added 17 touchdowns for the Prestonwood Christian Lions in Plano, Texas.

According to the article by Bartow, there are some other schools (Georgia, Michigan and Texas Tech) that are also interested in Irvin at this point and as his junior season progresses I’m sure that number will grow. The biggest question over these next two years for Irvin Jr to decide is if he wants to follow in his fathers rather large footsteps or if he wants to forge his own path. Regardless of the decision, Michael Irvin is a name we won’t soon forget and one we will be watching in the future.

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