Ed Reed hasn’t heard from Ravens, can’t see himself elsewhere

Now that Joe Flacco’s contract is done, the Ravens are free to start talking to other free agents they would like to keep around for a Super Bowl defense.

Safety Ed Reed might be on that list, but the team hasn’t reached him yet. Reed told the NFL Network Monday that he’s yet to hear from the Ravens about a contract for the 2013 season, but said that he hopes they call soon because he’d like to remain in Baltimore.

“I haven’t spoken to anyone. Hopefully that call comes soon,” Reed said. “I’m a Raven. I plan on being a Raven. I couldn’t see me anywhere else right now.”

Reed might not be able to envision himself in another uniform, but he didn’t sound totally closed off to the possibility that he’ll continue his career with another team. He said he thinks he should be paid a salary based on both what he’s done in the past and his current ability, a nebulous price that could push him out of the range that the Ravens are willing to pay. If that happens, Reed said he’ll “adapt” and move along.

Reed should have other suitors, so that plain to remain a Raven may need to be revisited at some point in the next few weeks.

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