Jon Beason: I look forward to HGH testing

JonBeason's Albert Breer reported Monday that the NFL and NFL Players Association have made steady progress toward implementing testing for human growth hormone.

Testing might be in place as soon as this season, and Carolina Panthers linebacker Jon Beason would be fine with that.

"For me, I'm happy," Beason told "NFL AM" Tuesday. "I don't take that stuff, so I'm more than happy to (take a test) because the guys who are taking it, if they get caught, now it's an even playing field. It's already hard enough to make it to the league, to stay in the league and to stay healthy in the league."

Said Beason: "If we can keep it clean -- and thus far, I think we've had the cleanest sport out of all the major sports in this country -- I think it's a good thing. So I'm looking forward to it and more than willing to comply with whatever it is the NFLPA and the league comes up with."

A source told Breer that the league and the players union are "much further along" on outlining testing details than at any time since the collective bargaining agreement was signed in 2011. In a sport long overdue for HGH screening, Beason's enthusiasm will be shared by many when this becomes a reality.

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