Paddleboarding helped Jon Jay prepare for camp

JUPITER, Fla. -- Center fielder Jon Jay picked up a new hobby over the offseason, a hobby that he said could have a payoff on the conditioning side.

A lifelong Miami resident, Jay tried his hand at paddleboarding, a water sport in which a rider lies on a board and uses his or her arms to maneuver through waves. Jay bought two paddleboards, he said, and made regular visits to the Atlantic Ocean to experiment with them.

But what began merely as a form of active entertainment became a workout tool for the Cardinals outfielder.

"It's a great core workout, so it allowed me to work out and have a good time at the same time," Jay said. "Even before I left to come to camp, instead of being so much in the weight room, I tried to do more paddleboarding. It worked out well. I knew I would be in the weight room a lot when I got here, and so that broke the workouts up and still provided good core work."

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