Jimmy Graham donates cleats to Fifth Ward Junior High School’s football team

New Orleans Saints TE Jimmy Graham donated new cleats to the entire Fifth Ward Junior High School’s football team this week.

Graham established a relationship with the school last January, when he participated in a NFL Play 60 Super Bowl Challenge event at the school.

“When I was at the Play 60 event, I talked to the students about the importance of team,” said Graham. “I talked to them about how you always have to put the team first and hopefully with these new cleats they can win some games.”

Fifth Ward Junior High School Principal Christopher Oufnac was honored by the gesture from the New Orleans Saints tight end.

“It’s an unbelievable gift he gave to these kids,” Oufnac said. “The kids like them so much they don’t want to get them dirty. They jokingly said they are too nice of cleats to play in.”

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