Jon Beason expects big things from NY Giants despite key departures

Jon Beason knows that Justin Tuck is gone, he knows that Jason Pierre-Paul is coming off an injury, and he knows that veteran cornerbacks Corey Webster and Aaron Ross are still in the building.

But the Giants middle linebacker, who signed a three-year deal with the team, still expects big things from the Big Blue defense in 2014.

"I feel like I can be scary good this year and as a team, especially as a defense, we could be really good," he said.

Beason pointed to the midseason dominance of the defense, which nearly pitched a pair of shutouts against the Eagles and the Vikings.

"I think what we were able to build last year in a short period of time was scary," Beason said.

"I'm a big fan of building camaraderie and sweating with the guys in the offseason, that's where you build those championships and we missed that," he said. "Well, I missed that because I came in early in the season. But for me, at this point, I know we have that coming up in April, get out there and earn the right to be a champ. It's going to be big this year."

Still, Beason said, the Giants defense will miss the leadership of Tuck, their longtime defensive captain. He said his teammates will have to "pick up the slack."

"Everyone's going to have to pick up the slack because Tuck was such an amazing leader, a guy who demanded respect right when he walked into the room," Beason said. "That's the way I felt about him from the outside looking in and then obviously getting the chance to get to play with him, that was evident.

"For me, I just want to continue to try and be consistent. I think when you're consistent, people follow that."

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