Brian Hartline: Dolphins waiting for RB to step up

We knew Brian Hartline was a skilled receiver. We didn't realize he was good at punting as well.

When asked by Terrell Davis on NFL Network's "NFL AM" on Wednesday whether or not he thought Dolphins teammate Lamar Miller was a 25-carry-per-game running back, Hartline kicked it to the coaches.

"Luckily, at this point in my career, I don't have to make those decisions," Hartline said.

That isn't exactly a ringing endorsement of the most talented running back on the roster. After five weeks, the Dolphins seemingly are at the same place they were during training camp.

"I would say our coaches are really wanting one of the guys to step up," Hartline continued. "You want someone to take the bull by the reins, and the coaches feel like that hasn't happened yet. So, until that happens, we are going to see multiple guys coming out of the backfield."

Miller carried the ball just seven times for 15 yards in Sunday's loss to the Baltimore Ravens, and he hasn't carried it more than 14 times in a game this season.

The running back hasn't made the leap this year, but it hasn't all been on him. The porous offensive line has failed to do its job, which likely is why the Dolphins sit in the bottom five of the league in rushing attempts (95).

The Dolphins rarely have run the ball 25 times in a game as a team this year, let alone one player. It's not a great sign that we've reached Week 6, and Miller hasn't done enough for his teammates to declare him "the man."

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