Wade Phillips on Ed Reed: The truth is the truth

Jets safety Ed Reed said earlier this week that defensive coordinator Wade Phillips is “probably” the reason he was released by the Texans.

Reed also said he thought Phillips’ scheme was a bad fit for him and for some of his former teammates from Houston during his bridge burning session. Phillips was asked about Reed’s comments on Thursday and said he thought that his record spoke for itself in terms of how well his defenses have fit players.

“There’s disappointments in this league and in life. And I believe the way you deal with those things tells a lot about what you are and who you are,” Phillips said, via Brian T. Smith of the Houston Chronicle. “When we let Ed go, I went down to the training room, I looked him right in the eye, shook hands with him and I said, ‘Thank you. … It was an honor to coach a guy that’s going to be in the Hall of Fame and I wish you good luck.’ The truth is the truth.”

Phillips also said that he’d be cheering for Reed when he does go into the Hall of Fame even though he’s certain Reed won’t choose him to give the induction speech.

Things didn’t work out in Houston for Reed and the Texans and there are fingers to point on both side when it comes to the reasons why it didn’t work out. Hashing them out in public doesn’t do much good for either man since their brief working relationship will wind up being a blip in their histories.

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