Jon Jay make NLDS roster

While Jay is only hitting .210 with seven extra-base hits during this injury-impacted season, his postseason history offers reason for optimism. He hit .483 in last year’s playoffs.

“It’s a good feeling,” Jay said. “It’s my fifth year of being on the roster. I’m excited for that. I’m looking forward to helping this team win.”

Signs point toward Jay and Pham backing up Heyward in center. Heyward has only played two complete games in center for the Cardinals this season, and he didn’t start testing the waters there during a game until Aug. 16, after Grichuk got hurt. Grichuk is now slotted for a corner outfield position, so he is not asked to throw from the deepest section of stadiums. Heyward seems to be fine with the change.

“I have played some center,” he said. “For me, it’s putting all the experience together. Six years at this level. You understand the fundamental things you need to do that are going to make your job that much easier in the outfield. At the end of the day, that’s what you have to trust.

“I’ve even played center in the playoffs, (with the Atlanta Braves) in 2013, so, for me, it’s not that foreign. It’s having a great understanding of how to read hitters, an idea of your pitching staff and what they are going to do with certain counts, things like that. I don’t have any worries or any concerns. I’m going to have fun.”

Pham said it’s wait-and-see when it comes to how he will be used.

He’s happy to be here. That doesn’t mean he’s ready to rest.

“I still feel like I’m working on something,” Pham said. “More specifically for next year, this offseason, that’s going to elevate my game to another level. It’s just, with this game, you are constantly trying to better yourself, so you can continue to stick here, and produce here.”

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