Jon Beason feels snubbed that Giants flexed out of primetime game

The Giants vs. Packers was supposed to be a primetime game. Then the Giants decided to start the season 0-6 and the Packers lost Aaron Rodgers. Not surprisingly, NBC dropped the matchup from their Sunday night schedule in favor of the much sexier Chiefs vs. Broncos.

Giants linebacker Jon Beason still feels snubbed. He wanted to play with the world and his peers concentrating on their game.

“Yeah [I feel snubbed}," Beason said on Wednesday. “Anytime you get flexed out of primetime, it’s a bad thing. Everyone wants to play primetime games. At the same time, you look at it – they’re taking you off for Broncos-Chiefs, undefeated, division game. So you understand.”

Just because Beason understands doesn’t mean he has to be happy about it. He’d still rather be the Sunday night game rather than the 4:25 pm (ET) FOX national broadcast.

Wide receiver Victor Cruz doesn’t care. In fact, he didn’t even realize the Giants-Packers was supposed to be a night game.

“I didn’t even know that until you said it,” Cruz said. “I could care less. We just need to play the game in front of us, win the games in front of us and we’ll get more primetime games after that.”

The Giants have one primetime game remaining – in Washington on Sunday, December 1. Of course, that too can change in the coming weeks if the Giants and/or Redskins fall out of contention.

There is also the possibility that the Giants add more primetime dates if they keep winning. If they’re in the hunt late in the season, it’s possible their games against the Seahawks or Lions in Weeks 15 and 16 get flexed to the primetime slot. That sounds better to Beason.

“We’re hoping,” he said “to do that later on in the season and get that [primetime] game back.”

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