Andre Johnson had no idea what lady was doing when he jumped in stands

HOUSTON -- Throughout Andre Johnson's career, the Houston Texans haven't often thrown touchdown passes to the greatest receiver they've ever had. But When Johnson scores a touchdown in Houston his usual ritual is to leap into the stands and share the moment with delighted fans.

Something strange happened when he did that on Thursday night against the Indianapolis Colts. So strange it's gone viral.

"I got a lot of text messages about that," Johnson said.

Most of the texts included a photo of a woman wearing a J.J. Watt jersey slapping Johnson's bottom.

He had no idea at the time.

"No, when that happens you don't realize what's going on," Johnson said. "Everybody's hitting you. They don't even want to let you go. When I saw the picture I couldn't do nothing but laugh."

It's true those moments are relatively rare for Johnson. This is his 12th season with the Texans and he's only caught 62 touchdown passes, ranking 64th all-time among receivers. By contrast, Johnson's 13,080 yards ranks 15th all time among receivers. On Thursday, he became the second fastest player to reach 13,000 yards, and only Jerry Rice, the player in whose honor Johnson wears No. 80, did it faster.

Thirty-six of Johnson's 62 touchdown catches have been at home, giving him an average of three chances per year to leap into the crowd behind the end zone. Thursday's was his first touchdown of the season, so when he does it again, is he going to think twice about his usual celebration?

Johnson chuckled about the whole thing.

"I wouldn't let one person spoil it for everybody," he said.

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