Greg Olsen: NFL should suspend Bengals LB Vontaze Burfict

Panthers kicker Graham Gano isn't the only player in Carolina who has a problem with the way Bengals linebacker Vontaze Burfict plays; Greg Olsen has a problem, too.

The Panthers tight end said on Monday that the NFL needs to suspend Burfict for taking "premeditated" cheap shots on several Panthers players, including Olsen and quarterback Cam Newton.

"It's pretty obvious that's not what this league is all about," Olsen said, via "We understand that sometimes there's penalties and guys kind of go above and beyond the lines with some hits. That's all in the flow of the game and hard to avoid at times, but instances like that are so clearly premeditated that he had in his mind if he had those opportunities that he was going try to attack not only guys' legs, but guys who were coming off ankle problems specifically. There's no room for it."

In the first quarter of Sunday's game, Burfict was called for roughing the passer.

Then in the third quarter, things got a little uglier. After the Panthers quarterback scored on a 12-yard run, Burfict grabbed Newton's left ankle and gave it a hard twist, as you can see below.

"Punishment needs to go beyond a fine," Olsen said. "Guys like that don't learn from that stuff. He's been fined a 100 times for head hunting, and he did it to Kelvin [Benjamin] again. You watch the film, that's just what he is."

In the second quarter, Burfict was flagged for unsportsmanlike conduct after hitting Benjamin, who was a defenseless receiver on the play.

"At some point, if the NFL wants to really say they care about guys' safety, they've got to start putting guys out for weeks," Olsen said, alluding to a suspension. "Me and Cam are lucky we aren't out for weeks, or Kelvin isn't out for weeks. If you're going to start putting guys on other teams out, then the ramifications need to equal that."

Olsen's complaint about Burfict echoes the one made by Gano on Sunday. After the game, Gano tweeted that he hopes the NFL "lays down the law."

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