Pep likes Andre Johnson

Offensive coordinator Pep Hamilton doesn’t have the history with Andre Johnson that Pagano has had. But it hasn’t taken long for the third-year assistant coach to realize just how much of presence Johnson can have within an offense.

“I think one of the things that’s allowed Andre to be such a good pro for so long is his ability to focus and pay attention to the details. He approached joining our team as if he was a rookie,” Hamilton said Wednesday. 

“He took copious notes and he was always focus and engaged in meeting. He’s constantly asking questions and he’s working overtime to build a relationship with [quarterback] Andrew Luck and the rest of our guys for that matter.”

It’s Johnson’s size (6-foot-3, 229 pounds) as well as his wingspan that can make a big difference in short yardage and red zone situations.

“I think it’s a skill set as well as his God given ability to go up and jump high and have the hand-eye coordination to make some amazing catches,” the coordinator said. “His catching radius is off the chart as well as the fact that Andre is a big, physical, strong man that understands how to leverage and use his body to give him an opportunity to make those plays.”

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