Lamar Miller Day-To-Day

The MRI results are back for Lamar Miller.

They reveal he has an AC joint sprain. He is day to day.

An AC joint sprain is also more commonly known as a shoulder separation.

An AC joint sprain is a relatively common sporting injury affecting the shoulder and is characterized by tearing of the connective tissue and ligaments of the Acromio-Clavicular joint.

The AC joint is responsible for connecting the shoulder blade with the clavicle and allows for some shoulder movement. During certain activities, stretching forces are placed on the AC joint. When these forces are excessive and beyond what the AC joint can withstand, tearing of the ligaments and connective tissue of the AC joint may occur. This condition is known as an AC joint sprain.

Miller suffered the injury to his left shoulder in the third quarter of Sunday victory over San Diego. It seems unlikely he will be practicing Tuesday when Miami players return to work.

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