Sam Shields says he's moved on from Chicago game

Green Bay - For the most part, Packers CB Sam Shields did what he's paid to do, which is keep receivers out of the end zone, but there were some blips against the Chicago Bears Sunday that downgraded his performance.

He slipped, made a bad decision to go after the ball instead of the man and gave up a 50-yard pass completion.

He whiffed on a tackle of Bears running back Matt Forte.

He jumped offsides on a field goal block attempt, giving the Bears a new set of downs, which they used to score a touchdown.

Shields admitted Thursday he didn't play his best game, but he also said he doesn't agree with the assessment that he had a terrible game.

"Things like that happen," Shields said of his bad plays. "You’re going to slip, you’re going to fall, all that is going to happen. You just have to keep playing. They’re going to catch balls, it’s going to happen. We just have to forget about it and move on."

Shields said he did have trouble with his footing and said it was a combination of the cleats he was wearing and some poor footwork. He said his focus this week heading into the Seattle game is to make sure both are in order.

"That’s what I’ve been doing this week, working on my footwork," he said. "(I'll) change my cleats because we’re at Lambeau."

Shields was tied for the team lead in tackles with seven against Chicago, but too many of his stops were after considerable gains. Twice Bears quarterback Jay Cutler tried to test Shields with deep routes down the left side of the field and once Shields made a terrific play to break up the pass and the other time he had perfect coverage and the ball sailed out of bounds.

His special teams mistake is something he said he can't do.

"He was kind of moving the ball and that kind of helps them get us offsides," Shields said of the Bears long snapper. "They did a hell of a job. I was anxious to go block it, I got caught for it. It’s something that can’t happen because it will hurt us at the end. I have to be disciplined and stay onsides."

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