Jon Beason sees the Seahawks as potential signature win

The Giants are looking, scrounging, for anything that makes Sunday's matchup with the NFC's top team meaningful in their eyes. They've mentioned pride, professional obligation and respect to the organization that still pays them every week.

Middle linebacker Jon Beason mentioned something a little bit outside the box on Wednesday. He brought up that a win over the Seahawks is one they can build on into next year.

“It would be a signature win for the season, I think,” Beason said. “You go up against a great team, the No. 1 seed if the playoffs were today, and because you don’t have those playoff hopes, hopefully you can go out and win the game. It would be a good end to the season.”

Beason brings up a good point. The Giants haven’t beaten anyone notable this season. Their wins over Philadelphia and Green Bay came with Matt Barkley and Scott Tolzien, respectively, at quarterback. Victories over the Vikings, Raiders and Redskins look worse every week.

If the Giants are able to beat the Seahawks, it will be their first quality win of the season. It would also be a major upset. The Giants enter the contest a seven-point underdog.

It’s interesting. Every Giants player seems to be approaching Sunday’s matchup with the Seahawks at MetLife Stadium with a different viewpoint. Defensive end Justin Tuck is trying not be embarrassed and made a laughingstock in his home stadium. Beason is looking for a signature win.

Sometimes, when a team finishes a season strong it carries over into the following year. The Giants could be next season's Carolina Panthers. The Panthers won their final four games last season in a 7-9 season and are now considered one of the NFC's best teams.

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