Antrel Rolle recalls sleepless nights during team's 0-6 start

Antrel Rolle still remembers the dark days early in the season when the Giants staggered to an 0-6 start and what could go wrong did go wrong. Doubt was their constant companion. The team played scared and lacked swagger.

Three games and three victories later, the Giants (3-6) have revived a season that was on life support and proved what the power of positive thinking can do.

“It’s night and day,” Rolle said Tuesday afternoon on WFAN when asked about the confidence level in the Giants locker room these days. “It’s not like we lacked confidence before. But 0-6 can do a lot to you. It can really, really break your spirit if you let it.

“I know a couple of times it broke my spirit and I find myself extremely strong. I found myself many, many nights up at two, three o’clock in the morning asking myself what has gone wrong? I didn’t have an answer.

“But this team has stayed confident but more importantly, we stayed together and believed in ourselves. That’s where you see us winning the last three games.”

The brash and outspoken Rolle, who has led the charge on the field as well, has also learned to take a more measured approach to the season. Earlier, he said the Giants could win 12 games in a roll among other things. Those statements just made him look foolish.

Given the bait once again, he didn’t take it. Asked if the Giants can win the division, Rolle said, “One game at a time.”

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