Rob Chudzinski Used To Eat Dog Biscuits

If you are a fan of the Cleveland Browns, you couldn’t ask for a more passionate coach than Rob Chudzinski. While he wasn’t the flashiest option available – not by a wide margin – Chudzinski had something no other head coaching candidate had this offseason: a true love for the Browns.

Oh, and the willingness to eat dog biscuits.

Last week, Chudzinski told PFT Live that he was such a rabid fan of the Browns as a kid that he did, in fact, eat dog treats, along with watching the game outside to simulate being at the stadium.

“There was occasional dog biscuits consumed,” Chudzinski said on Thursday’s edition of PFT Live. “I wouldn’t tell you they tasted very good, but we did that on occasion.”

How Chudzinski performs as a head coach remains to be seen, but no one was going to enter this job with the kind of passion he brings. This story of a fan-turned-coach has been undersold, though it should gain plenty of traction as the season draws near. Especially if there are more dog biscuit-eating tales to be told.

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