DeMarcus Van Dyke and Isaiah Green set to compete in training camp

Steelers cornerbacks are typically prototypically built; long, muscular, strong and athletic. They're not blazers in terms of speed, but they run well, and they aren't afraid to hit.

While neither Isaiah Greene nor Demarcus Van Dyke fit that mold, their freakish speed make them two of the more intriguing cornerback prospects the Steelers have had in camp recently.

Van Dyke, a roster acquisition after his release from the Raiders last season, showed that sprinter's speed in covering punts last season before a string of penalties landed him in the doghouse. Speed for the dollar is a great weapon to have, if a player's main goal is to get an invite to training camp.

How much will it help boost Van Dyke's chances of making the roster this year? The Steelers brought in at least one other sprinter-turned-cornerback, Green, who spent time with the Bills and Colts last season before ending up on the Steelers' offseason roster.

Neither look at all like prototypical Steelers cornerbacks. But punt gunners? It's tempting.

That long speed, coupled with the technique of breaking off a block or two at the line and get down the field fast enough to force a fair catch is valuable to any team. And every team is looking for that kind of a player. Their main question is going to be position flexibility. Can either one of them defend anyone on defense?

The Steelers may not keep both of them, but it wouldn't be surprising to see the Steelers keep one at the expense of the other for the sake of special teams.

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