Why couldn't Bernie Kosar walk straight in DUI stop? He blames the Browns

When ex-Dolphins quarterback Bernie Kosar was arrested on suspicion of DUI in Ohio four days ago, the homegrown fave had a quick excuse as to why he couldn't walk straight.

His knees are shot, Kosar told police, and the Cleveland Browns'  lousy offensive line was to blame.

"Mr. Kosar stated that he had a lot of surgeries on his knees and ankles because his line couldn't block," Officer Scott McElroy said.

Kosar, 49, self-employed and living in Youngstown, Ohio, was pulled over around 2:40 a.m. Sunday in Solon, Ohio. McElroy clocked him zipping through a construction zone with workers present at 74 mph — 24 mph over the posted limit.

Kosar had slurred speech and reeked of booze, McElroy reported. Asked for his driver's license, Kosar handed the officer credit cards. Asked whether he'd been drinking, Kosar replied "he was helping a friend," McElroy said.

And asked to recite the alphabet from E to W, Kosar stated "E,F,G,P,L,M,N,O,Q, and from there it trailed on with more letters that were not correct and ended at X," the officer reported.

Kosar refused breath tests. "He was told never to take those," McElroy said.

He was arrested and later released on $500 bond.

Kosar played for the University of Miami, the Browns and the Dallas Cowboys. He ended his career in 1996 after three seasons with the Dolphins.

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