Andre Johnson should call Reggie Wayne this weekend

Thursday should have been a good night for Andre Johnson. The Texans receiver became the first player in NFL history to record 20 games with at least ten catches and 100 yards, but instead dealt mainly with the frustration of his team’s plunge from AFC South champions a year ago to 2-11 and potential recipients of the top overall pick in 2014.

He should call his college teammate this weekend.

When the Indianapolis Colts’ 2011 season fell apart due to a career-threatening injury to Peyton Manning, Reggie Wayne soldiered through, amassing nearly a 1,000 yard season despite having to catch passes from the likes of Curtis Painter and Dan Orlovsky.

As the Colts’ 2-14 season came to a merciful end, Wayne was one of the few veteran constants left on the roster when a new coaching staff and franchise quarterback set up shop the following summer. Andrew Luck’s successful 2012 rookie season happened in part because from day one he had one of the best receivers in the NFL there to guide him along the way. It’s no coincidence that Luck’s 2013 passer rating has gone from 92.75 in his first seven games with Wayne to 71.96 in the past five games since his season-ending injury against Denver.

There’s likely a new coaching staff and franchise quarterback, whether that’s Louisville’s Teddy Bridgewater or another elite college passer, on the way in Houston. Johnson, who is signed with the Texans through 2016, will soon have the opportunity to shepherd his team’s turnaround in the same way that his fellow Hurricane did.

One thing the 2012 Colts didn’t have in their rebuilding effort was one of the league’s best young defensive players in J.J. Watt. Add a healthy Arian Foster to the mix and it’s not hard to picture a similar upswing.

Johnson told reporters after Thursday’s game that he’s tired of losing. If the Texans can emulate their AFC South rivals, that won’t be a worry next year.

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