Bryant McKinnie says he’s in his best shape in years

Ravens offensive tackle Bryant McKinnie hasn’t exactly been known for showing up to training camp in great shape. He’s generally been known for eating too much and working out too little.

But McKinnie says things are different now.

McKinnie, who was held out of the start of training camp last year because he wasn’t in good enough shape to practice, has been more involved in offseason work this year and told the team’s website that he’s in his best shape in years. (Not that that’s saying much.)

“I feel like I’m in pretty good shape and I’m doing a lot better,” McKinnie said. “I’m far ahead than I have been the past two years.”

McKinnie said he’s lighter now than he was last year and plans to lose a little more weight before training camp starts. With better conditioning, he believes he’s poised to have a Pro Bowl season.

“I still need to drop a little lower,” he said. “But it’s definitely better than it has the past two years. I’ll continue working on cardio and stretching, but I’m just focused on getting better.”

For McKinnie, getting slimmer is a good step toward getting better.

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