Will Giants safety Antrel Rolle be a cap casualty in 2014?

Aside from the long list of impending free agents, the Giants have other major decisions to make in the upcoming offseason. As they look to reshape their roster for next year, there are more than a handful of high-priced veterans who enter the equation.

The Giants will have to decide which players to release, which contracts to restructure for the future. Some choices will be easy; others will be more complex.
There is a lot more that goes into these decisions than on-field production. Salary, age, direction of the team, dead money if released prior to the 2014 season – these are all factors that enter the equation. Each player knows their own personal situation.

"I’m aware of my contract," tight end Brandon Myers said. "I know it’s void after this season. It was basically a one-year deal. I feel I’ve always had to prove myself. It hasn’t changed. You have to keep performing."

The feeling is these last three games could influence the decision. They matter for players' futures.

Here are the players the Giants will likely have to evaluate before deciding a course of action:

(Note: Numbers are for 2014. Dead money is for '15 and beyond.)

Antrel Rolle
Salary: $7.25M
Cap Figure: $9.25M
Remaining Years: 1
Accelerated Dead Money if Cut: $0
Breakdown: This has little to do with Rolle's play. It can be argued that he's in the midst of the best season of his career. The problem is that if the Giants decide to rebuild or overhaul their systems, a 31-year-old being paid as a Top 5 safety might not make sense, even though Rolle is a valuable leader on the field and in the locker room.

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