Leonard Hankerson Predicted to Have a Breakout Season

Leonard Hankerson. I struggled finding a 2013 breakout player for the Redskins, but I do think Hankerson should be in line for a much bigger role and his skill set fits what Mike Shanahan wants to do with this offensive attack. First of all, wide receivers must be very good blockers in this offense. Hankerson has the size and overall physicality to develop into a very good edge blocker. He also is built to run quick-hitting routes like slants -- which work really well off Washington’s fantastic play-action game -- and to do something after the catch with a physical running style. Hankerson isn’t an elite deep threat and has just average wide-receiver speed, but he can go up and get the football downfield or in a crowd in the end zone. Drops have been a problem for Hankerson, but I expect him to take a noticeable step forward in 2013 and become a solid No. 2 receiver opposite Pierre Garcon.

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