Big Things Expected of proCane Chiefs DL Allen Bailey

All has been quiet on the Kansas City Chiefs front as of late- the team has made no big moves in draft or free agency. Guys like Tyson Jackson and Brandon Flowers have come and gone, and new guys like Vance Walker have arrived.

Training camp is right around the corner- July 24th is the start of the roller coaster ride we call the NFL season. Much has been looked at this offseason about what the Chiefs may not have done in the offseason, but it’s time to turn the page and look at what some players have done.

Allen Bailey, the Georgia boy, has had quite the offseason that has gone a little too far under the radar. Bailey has played the majority of his NFL career in the  280′s coming in as a rotational linemen. All that is about to change as Tyson Jackson was given chance after chance to perform up to his draft status, but never broke through completely, resulting in the Chiefs moving on.

Bailey is one of the guys that will be assigned with replacing Jackson who just never lived up to the lofty expectations that being drafted number three overall brings. With Jackson gone, Bailey has looked at this offseason has a golden opportunity. This still-young player from middle of no where Georgia is ready to make the next step.

To Bailey that first step was packing on a few extra pounds to his smaller frame- Bailey has recently joined the 300 club. He says he has kept the same speed and agility he always had, but has now packed on the extra weight to be a force on running downs as well.

Training camp will be an essential time for Bailey, this is his time to shine. He will receive plenty of first team reps and will be given every opportunity to be a starter or a guy that is a regular in the line rotation. During OTA’s he did nothing but impress coaches.

At the very least Bailey is a guy to root for. This is a young guy from a small town with population under 100. He grew up hunting and fishing, and he’s no city kid looking for the spotlight. This is a blue collar kid that grew up fighting and earning everything he has ever gotten.

Should I mention this guy is a legend around where he is from? He was rumored to have killed an alligator with a shovel. Turns out that is no rumor as Bailey has confirmed that report during multiple different interviews.

What is not to love about this young player? He comes into the league as a 3rd round pick and has had to be patient with his playing time. It is not easy to dethrone a player that’s slated ahead of you when they were drafted number 3 overall. They will be given every opportunity imaginable to succeed, much more so than a 3rd rounder will be given that chance.

Instead of complaining, Bailey has gotten bigger and stronger every offseason. When his number is being called this training camp to prove he belongs in the starting line-up, what does he do? He goes out, bulks up so he is no longer just a specialist player but has now transformed himself into a potential every down player.

Allen Bailey has all of the intangibles to be the next starting defensive linemen for this team, he is physically there and mentally he wants it more than anything. Watch for this guy this training camp, #97 will be everywhere.

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