Ereck Flowers built for Giants-Eagles: He ‘wants to be a jerk’

This is the hostile, vitriolic place that can make knees knock and legs turn to jelly, especially if you wear a Giants uniform. Even before you enter this bubbling cauldron of venom, fans of the Brotherly Love Eagles have been known to hurl eggs and invective at your team bus.

The meek have no chance to inherit the earth inside the Linc, especially on a Monday night.

Only the strong survive these riotous blood-and-guts brawls.

It is right in Ereck Flowers’ wheelhouse.

It helps being a 6-foot-6, 329-pound aircraft carrier, yes. But this isn’t a rookie who scares easy. If at all.

This is a baby-faced assassin with a mean streak.

Linebacker Devon Kennard was a rookie out of USC last season, and he wasn’t fazed by the Linc.

“The fans are rowdy, and they’re not nice, and they don’t like us,” Kennard said with a smile. “So it’s just a fun place to play. It kind of reminds me of a college feel.”
Kennard said he thinks Flowers will blossom in such an environment

“I think he’ll thrive,” Kennard said. “Ereck’s a competitor. He’s a beast. He has all the ability in the world, and the tenacity to go with it.

“I’m glad he’s on my team.”

Right tackle Marshall Newhouse depicts young Flowers as an even-keeled Terminator.

“Just him wanting to finish guys,” Newhouse said. “Him wanting to be a jerk out there. That’s what being a lineman in the NFL’s about, at the end of the day. So just having that physicality about him and that finish mentality, he’s got it, for sure.”

Center Weston Richburg was a rookie at the Linc last October.

“Pretty hostile,” Richburg said. “It wasn’t anybody kind of trying to harm us or anything, but you’re getting flipped the bird. But that’s expected. It’s a pretty intense divisional rivalry.”

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