Renting Lamborghini, sneaking down fire escape — Deion Sanders, Micheal Irvin reminisce about partying during Super Bowl week

Former Dallas Cowboys Michael Irvin and Deion Sanders shared some of their stories from the week before the Super Bowl, reminiscing with Warren Sapp and Kurt Warner.

While they spoke about the preparation they did, they also shared some stories about some of the imfamous partying that goes one before the big game.

Sanders said former Cowboys coach Jimmy Johnson asked his players to get everything out of their systems on the Sunday and Monday night before the game.

"I had to party," Irvin said. "I had fun. I’m sorry, y'all. It was a blast. I love that I had Jimmy Johnson, too. Because Jimmy Johnson said do what you got to do to bring the best out of you Sunday.

“... Yeah, I worked hard on getting it  out of me Sunday and Monday night.”

Sanders, who talked about renting a Diablo Lamborghini during Super Bowl week, spoke about his appearance in Super Bowl XXIX with the San Francisco 49ers.

He called the 49ers’ win against the Cowboys in the NFC Championship game that year the actual Super Bowl, because he knew the Niners would beat the Chargers.)

"I wanted to party and have a good time because you never know when you're going to get back," said Sanders, who won the following year with Dallas. "I remember telling (49ers defensive coordinator) Ray Rhodes, 'Ray, now you know on Friday I got to get our there, now. That’s what I do.' Ray Rhodes — this is no lie — Ray Rhodes came and got me out of my room. Took me down the fire escape, put me in my car. I went and did my thing. I called him on my way back in. Got in my room. Got my rest. I'm straight!"

You can watch the full video below:

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