Santana Moss: RGIII deserves chance to get healthy

Before word began circulating that Kirk Cousins was almost certain to start Sunday’s game in Atlanta, Santana Moss was asked about such a possibility. During his weekly appearance with LaVar Arrington and Chad Dukes on 106.7 The Fan, Arrington — who strongly opposes such a move — asked Moss what that would say to the locker room.

“My perspective of it would be a little different, just knowing what we’re trying to get accomplished and what you would want from Robert leading up to the next season,” Moss said. “At this point right now, when you don’t have anything but to be a spoiler and to go out there and play with pride and try to win as much as you can these last three games, you would want Robert to at least have a fair shot at being healthy this offseason. Because that’s what we think really hurt our chances from being better this year: him not being there the whole offseason, to be able to put in the work that’s needed to be that quarterback.”

That was surprising. After some counter punching from LaVar, Moss said he could see both sides.

Regardless, he can clearly see the flames lapping at Redskins Park. Dukes asked him where this season’s madness ranks amid all the dysfunction he’s seen since joining the Redskins.

“It’s up there,” Moss said. “Honestly, it’s up there. We’ve had some things, and as the years go by you forget about a lot of it, so you can’t really rate it and judge it amongst the other stuff you’ve been through as a team. But with this organization and this team, it kind of allows me — honestly — to not let it bother me. Trust me, the most I hear about what’s going on is when I’m here with you guys and when I have to talk to [the media]. Other than that, I’m zoned out.”

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