Shane Larkin sets some lofty goals for himself

DALLAS -- Shane Larkin has set aside some lofty goals he hopes to obtain in his rookie NBA season.

"I just got to get playing time,'' the Dallas Mavericks' first-year point guard said. "That’s my goal, to get on the court and produce for my team.

"Of course you want to be on the all-rookie team, Rookie of the Year. I’ve always set high goals for myself because I want to reach for the top. Those are things I would like to accomplish, but first I’ve got to get on the court.''

And to get on the court and earn more meaningful minutes, Larkin knows he first has to put in a lot of hard work, learn the playbook, and just go out and flawlessly execute things on the floor.

"I’ve got to go in there at training camp, summer league at the beginning, and prove my worth,'' Larkin said. "So that’s really what I’m really focused on -- just go in there and work hard and do whatever the coach asks of me and just work hard and try to earn playing time.''

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