Lamar Miller better in three receiver sets

According to Dave Hyde of the Sun-Sentinel Lamar Miller averaged 6.1 Yards a carry when running in three receiver formations. He also noted that Miller saw 81 percent of his snaps out of the shotgun and added that the Dolphins likely do not trust Miller and the offensive line in short yardage. They passed more than twice as much as they ran with Miller in third/fourth and short situations. (Sun-Sentinel)

Fantasy Impact: Miller excels when the defense is spread out and allows Miller to work in space. Using his speed and putting him in positions where he could succeed may have been the reason the Dolphins limited the amount of work he received last season, prefering to keep up his efficiency. After bulking up, Miller is likely to see an uptick in his usage but whether it will actually benefit Miller or hurt his efficient play remains to be seen.

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