Has James Jones gotten lost in Heat shuffle?

Q: A game like Saturday, with no Mario Chalmers, Ray Allen or Udonis Haslem, you have Dwyane Wade and even LeBron James needing to be spelled, and Chris Bosh in foul trouble. And James Jones can't get off the bench? That makes him the guy who gets cut when Pat Riley inevitably finds this year's buyout deadline special, right? -- Raf, Melbourne, Australia.

A: Doubt it, and because of more than having to eat a guaranteed contract. There also is a loyalty factor in play, plus, when needed to get what he does best, Jones has produced. The reality is the preference long has been for the type of length Rashard Lewis and Michael Beasley are capable of providing. But there will be a time when 3-pointers are needed, and needed in a hurry, and few can produce as efficiently in that regard as Jones. He's basically a roster luxury, but hardly an outcast.

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