Devin Hester Named To Team Carter For Pro Bowl

Falcons returnman Devin Hester won't be one of the anxious, nail-biting Pro Bowl prospects waiting to be drafted in the green room this year. He's already got a team.

A pre-draft draft of sorts occurred Tuesday and 30 players, including Hester, know which side they'll be on for Sunday's annual all-star game in Arizona.

The Pro Bowl captains this year, Michael Irvin and Cris Carter, focused on defensive tackles, guards, centers, fullbacks and special teams in the early stages of the draft. Per Pro Bowl rules, which state that each team must have one returner, Hester was assigned to Team Carter after Irvin selected Philadelphia's Darren Sproles for the role on his team.

This is the second year the NFL has held the Pro Bowl in an unconferenced format. With both teams selecting from one pool of players, it potentially pits teammates against one another, so Hester and Ryan could be on opposite teams depending on how the draft shakes out Wednesday night.

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