Santana Moss’ Pointers From Manning

After Sunday’s 45-point outburst, the Washington Redskins offense had it’s best showing since last season’s stuffing of the Dallas Cowboys on Thanksgiving Day.

There was an old saying that used to float around NFL circles that if you could hold your opponents to 17 points or less than you’d be almost guaranteed victory. Ehh that saying is more applicable than ever in this “modern” NFL of spread formations and no-huddle offense. Holding your opponent to 17 points should be a victory of its own.

If you hold the Denver Broncos to 17 points then the league should just go ahead and give you two wins. As a team they already have 35 offensive touchdowns. Let me repeat that so the Internet world can fully grasp what I just said. Through seven games the Denver Broncos have score 35 offensive touchdowns.

Thanks to the guy who created italics for helping my cause.

The nucleus of their offense is of course 12-time Pro Bowler Peyton Manning. Manning is one of those players universally respected with a legion of followers who are continually in awe of his legendary preparation skills. Entering the team facility at an hour where even the overnight janitorial staff is not seen, Manning devises plans, equipped with countless audibles, that he then disseminates to his offense when they get their days started. Whether it’s learning from mistakes or building on successes, Manning makes sure to build a unique rapport with each weapon.

Redskins wide receiver Santana Moss admitted his open respect for Manning and said that he’s not only trying to build a similar connection with Robert Griffin III, but instill similar preparation skills in the sophomore as well.

“To be honest I’ve always liked Peyton,” Moss said. “I have a good close friend in Reggie Wayne that I played ball with in college and I remember ever since I was with the Jets I would call him and ask him how things [were] and be like ‘How is it so simple and easy’ and then you hear about his stories of how he studies and how he gets everybody around him to get practice reps week in and week out.”

Moss’ never say die attitude and play far beyond his diminutive frame has endeared him to Redskins fans ever since the day he made the Cowboys realize that football is a 60 minute game.

Never in his first seven seasons in Washington, D.C. though did he have a quarterback like RGIII. So when the rookie came to town last April, he made sure to stick to him like glue, making sure to build a strong rapport and preached to never become complacent just because it worked in the past.

“That’s the only way you can get better,” Moss asserted. “That’s some of the things I try to do with Robert. When we don’t do something right or even when we do do something right, I want another rep in or two just so he can have that confidence in me and I can have that confidence in him.”

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