Frank Gore has a formula for success

By any measure, 49ers running back Frank Gore has been enormously successful. Gore would be part of the 49ers’ Mount Rushmore during the era of 49ers history in which he has played. What’s notable about the 30-year-old Gore as he enters his eighth season as a still-productive-running-back is how much he hasn’t changed over his career.

Gore said success depends on a few simple pillars – Work hard and train, listen to the coaches, compete and have fun. Do those things Gore said and, “You’ll be fine.”

As Gore grows in stature within the NFL, and particularly within his own team, he doesn’t feel anymore pressure to become more of a vocal leader.

“I’m the same,” Gore said. “If I have to say something, I will say something. It’s the same way with (wide receiver) Anquan Boldin, he’s not a vocal person, but he works and he has had a nice career.”

Boldin also has what Gore covets, a Super Bowl ring.

“My career at this point is about winning,” Gore said. “The last two years here have been fun for me. They have been the best years of my career.”

Gore is now surrounded by like-minded teammates – players who are talented and dedicated. That wasn’t the case when he first became a starter seven seasons ago. After a galling loss, he ventured into the players’ parking lot and saw some of his teammates laughing and joking. Gore immediately started crying and openly wondered what kind of team he was on.

So while Gore hasn’t changed, his team and his teammates have.

“It’s different now,” Gore said, before disappearing into the locker room with his position coach, Tom Rathman. “We expect to win.”

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