Texans take Wilfork despite their Ed Reed misadventure

On one hand, defensive tackle Vince Wilfork presents the Texans with a completely different set of circumstances than did safety Ed Reed.  On the other hand, the similarities are sufficient to make Texans fans worry a little.  Or a lot.

Two years ago, the Texans pounced on free-agent safety Ed Reed, who left the Ravens after winning a Super Bowl in his 11th NFL season.  A pre-existing hip problem that the Texans apparently didn’t notice when giving him a physical resulted in surgery before he ever suited up once for Houston.  Reed was released during the season after getting $5 million guaranteed.

On Monday, the Texans signed free-agent defensive tackle Vince Wilfork, who left the Patriots after winning a Super Bowl in his 11th NFL season.  Surely, the Texans poked and prodded the big guy in order to be sure that he won’t suddenly need to have one of his body parts surgically repaired now that he, like Reed, has gotten $5 million guaranteed.

Sandwiched between the two veterans was a No. 1 overall pick who apparently had a pre-existing need for hernia surgery that may or may not have been noticed by team doctors.

Bottom line?  If the team doctors missed any problems with Wilfork, the Texans eventually may be getting new team doctors.

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